The Thursday Music Club Zanesville, Ohio

Celebrating our 104th year
Membership dues are $20.00 for an individual or $30.00 per couple.
Please fill this form out completely as it applies to you.
Make checks payable to “Thursday Music Club” and mail to:
Schroeder Dodds, 4200 Burnt Mill Rd., Chandlersville, OH 43727

Name ________________________________________________________________
Write your name as it should appear in the booklet.  Use this form:  Mrs. John (Jane) Doe

Address ___________________________________________________________

Telephone #  _______________ Email address __________________________________

Your area of musical interest _____________________________________________

If you are giving studio lessons, what do you teach? _____________________________

Are you currently taking students as a Thursday Music Club teacher?  ________
If so, would you like to be listed on that list?  _______

Please mark if you would be interested in serving on a committee:

Telephone ______   Program ______  Social ______  Audition ______
Jr. Music Club ______    Young Artist _______   Music Library _________

If you are an organist/pianist: 
      What church or other organization do you serve?  ______________________________
      Would you be willing to be a substitute?  ___________________________________

If you are a vocal soloist, would you be willing to be a performer in another church or other venue? _________________

If you are an instrumental soloist, what instrument do you play and would you be willing to be a performer in another church or other venue?  __________________________

Would you be willing to perform at a TMC meeting?  _________________________________

Please indicate if you would like to contribute an additional monetary gift to a specific club project (i.e. High School Summer Music Scholarship, Handbell Festival, Civic Chorus and Orchestra Concert).  Thank You!

Project ________________________________   Amount___________________________